That, he says. No explosion, but he is afraid of its explosion. It gives phone numbers too easy. All call is for him. In this way, he is a prisoner. Can not leave snow altso get I tower the snail house.

One morning. He is really afraid. Did he? He says many nice things about nice nails and nail. Another morning he wakes with the head of end of foot (bed nor monsters implied in war bed).

I have seen a nice house. I have seen many fine houses. Afterwards, I turn on a fire in a pick. You are afraid, but I say: "You are welcome". Says not how you turn off the fire, but turn off the television.

A car drove wrong. A yellow dog angry with a smile. Let no business interfere too much, let flies drone. It is still rotten in the Kingdom and I are on television, he says, and check his cell phone for snails with home on back ass.

He takes no great mistake: He imagines sex with many women at once. How a woman is the woman with the ring.